Making Offer

16 Sep

Tema `Making Offer` membahas tentang bagaimana caranya menawarkan sesuatu atau menawarkan bantuan, offering help.  Well, Untuk  mempraktikkanya, kalian harus lakukan bersama teman belajar. So dilakukan secara `in pairs.  Berikut contoh beberapa ungkapan  `Making Offer`yang bisa kalian praktikkan dalam latihan ini.

Here let me help you…


–          Shall we… ?

–          Shall I …?

–          May I …?

–          A cup of tea?

–          Here, let me help you…

–          What if I …  for you ?

–          How can I help you?

–          I`ll … if you`d like

–          Would you like me to …?

–          Would you like ….?

–          Would you like to …?

–          Etc. see more on



Ungkapan lainnya dari `Making Offer` atau `Offering help` bisa dipelajari  kembali pada bahasan `Offering Help` di blog ini tentunya. Sebaiknya kalian juga harus belajar soal-soal offering secara tertulis written exercises,  karena itu silakan  visit atau klik `COBA TEST ONLINE`


 Bagaimana Cara Mempraktikkan `Making Offer?` in pairs?

Absolutely, kalian butuh patner belajar. Dalam latihan ini, ada saat dimana kalian berperan sebagai `YOU` dan ada saatnya juga kalian harus berganti peran sebagai `YOUR PARTNER`. Berganti -gantilah peran sampai kalian mampu meng-create situasi – situasi sendiri. Be creative, ya!

 Keep in mind! Try and try again and never easily give up! Okay?




Directions: Mutual assistance is a good thing to do, right? Ask your partner if the persons in the following situations want your help and please make offer.

  1. YOU describe the given situations to a partner.  

  2. YOUR PARTNER will respond them with the appropriate expressions of `making offer` or `offering help`.

  3. Don`t forget to exchange the role. Okay? Number 1 has been done for you!




             You describe the situation   : ` Your guest looks thirsty`

             Your partner responds         : ` Would you like something to drink?`











Your guest looks thirsty. What do you say?

Would you like something to drink?



Someone cannot fix her motorcycle. You know how to fix it. You ask if she wants your help.





The teacher is trying to talk but a lot of noises is coming from the street and he window is open. You are next to the window.




A driver is trying to push his car. He is finding it very difficult.




You often give people lifts. You are driving a long a country road when you see an old lady walking along in the rain.





Johanna has two tickets for the movie. But no body to go with. Then she sees Marcel.




Your close friend has come to Lunch. You notice that her tea-glass is already empty.




You watch TV with your family and the program you`re watching is terrible. You want another TV program.




You`re walking through the park with your grandfather. He seems to be getting tired. What do you say when you see a bench?





Your friend is leaving your house. It is raining and he has no umbrella. However, you have an extra one.




It is Sunday. Your sister and her friend want to go somewhere. Neither of them knows where.





You`re speaking to your girlfriend. You want to take her out this evening.





You know, your friend`s car is broken down. She really needs it to go somewhere.




Your friend has got a severe headache.




You are going to a parking lot after going shopping and so is a woman, but she has a lot of articles bought in her hands. It seems too heavy for her.




Your friend, who has just come to your house, looks hot. It`s so stuffy!




Your friend has just come to visit you. He has not seen much of your beautiful town.




Your guest’s leaving and it’s long way to the bus station?



Your uncle left his suitcase at the station.





Simple, isn`t it?


 Follow up.

 Untuk follow up activities, kalian bisa mengembangkan situasi-situasi yang ada  (free dialog) pada execcise diatas sebagai bahan belajar berdialog tetntu saja dengan teman belajar kalian ( in pairs), Berikut ini contoh pengembangan freedialog dari situasi

` Your uncle left his suitcase at the station.




  1. In pairs


Situation: ` Your uncle left his suitcase at the station.


Uncle   : Oh No! I forgot my suitcase!

YOU     : What?  Oh dear. Where is it ?

Uncle   : At the station. I remember I put it under the bench.

YOU     : You mean … You left it there?

Uncle   : I did. I`m afraid. It was there.

YOU     : Well, don`t worry, uncle Tom. I`ll help you to find it out if you`d like.

Uncle   :  I`d appreciate that.




  1. Monolog Activity

Untuk kegiatan monolog, kalian bisa mengembangkannya dengan bercerita sendiri (orally) tentang  pengalaman membantu orang lain atau pengalaman menawarkan sesuatu pada orang lain.


 Example of monologue activity:


Two days ago my sister and I went sightseeing in a mall. It was so crowded that we felt uncomfortable to walk around there. Therefore we decided to go out from the mall immediately. While we were walking towards parking lot, we saw a beautiful girl carrying heavy shopping bags to her car. Then I offered some help to her. ` What if I give you a hand with your shopping bags?` I said. She agreed and said calmly: “Thanks. That`s very kid of you”. Since that day I have been thinking about her. I hope I can meet her again someday. It was unforgettable encounter.



Now try to tell about your own experience, okay?


Selamat Belajar! Good luck!



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