22 Nov

Latihan berikut ini aku buat untuk membantu kamu menghapalkan beberapa kata kerja yang diikuti TO  atau Invinitive with To. Kata kerja-kata kerja itu antara lain:


want ; try ; hesitate ; desire ; prepare ; determine ; refuse ;

endeavor ; agree ; decide ; promise; deserve; afford ; arrange ;

expect ; fail; hope; intend; pretend; mean; long; bother; manage


  • Please try to come early next time.
  • When did you learn to speak English?
  • My father has agreed to help you. So don`t worry!
  • Shanty has decided to become a singer.




Tentukan sebuah tema cerita  dan Rangkailah ceritamu yang indah, mengesankan, menjengkelkan atau yang lucu itu dengan menggunakan kata kerja Infinitive With To yang  terpampang diatas.  Berikut ini contoh cerita yang aku buat dengan beberapa kata kerja Infinitive With-To dan jangan lupa kamu harus menceritakan versi ceritamu sendiri. 

Getting to know

If you want to make a lot of friends, you should try hard  to make it come true. First  of all, approach her/ him directly and do not hesitate to introduce yourself. It`s simple, isn`t it? However if you desire to make a closer relationship you have to prepare to contact her/ him again. This is the way to make you and him/ her get closer. Determine to go somewhere. For example, On Sunday you plan to go to a mall, friends` houses, or to some places of interest. If she/he refuses to go with you that day, don`t regret. You have to be patient.Please endeavor to do it again next time. This is the tip of getting to know each other from me. See you!

Nah, so simple right! mudahkan! Itulah caraku menghapalkan beberapa kata kerja Invinitive With To. Silahkan explore sendiri caramu yang lucu dan menarik.

Sharingkan disini! Thank you.

Selamat Belajar! Good luck!


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    so thank you very much, for your kindly share on the above learning, that’ s really what is I needed