Gerund 2 (Answer Key)

06 Jul

Kunci Jawaban soal ini mengacu hanya pada soal latihan Gerund 2 yang terdapat pada Cobalah untuk mengerjakan soal latihannya terlebih dahulu sebelum mempelajari Kunci Jawabannya.

Pada soal latihan Gerund 2 ini, kalian diminta untuk  FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE CORRECT FORM OF THE WORDS GIVEN  `mengisi titik-titik yang terdapat pada soal-soal  latihan dengan bentuk kata-kata yang tepat yang disediakan.`  Berikut ini Kunci Jawaban Benar pada latihan tersebut.

Answer key of Gerund 2


Break up/ recall/ behave/ hear/ avoid


1. My head aches when I remember breaking up with my girlfriend, Sherly
2. and  I didn`t want  to recall this bitter experience anymore.


Kalian tau nggak alasanya, mengapa pada soal No.2, setelah kata `want` diisi dengan `to recall?` Kok nggak `recalling atau recall?` Tetapi pada soal No.1, setelah kata `remember` diisi dengan `breaking up` dan bukan ` to break up` atau `break up`?



Alasanya yakni karena kata `want` termasuk kelompok kata kerja yang harus diikutiTo atau Infinitive withTo  sedangkan kata `remember` termasuk kelompok kata yang menimbulkan bentukING.  


Alasan yang sama juga menjadi dasar  jawaban benar  pada soalsoal No. 3 sampai No. 20. 

Bila masih belum sepenuhnya memahami cara menjawab soal latihannya dengan benar, maka sebaiknya simak kembali tema Gerund  dan  tema Infinitive with-To.

Pelajari selengkapnya di  dan  Okay?


Keep studying! & Never give up!



3. In my eyes, she continued behaving badly.
4. She was a liar. Worse still, my ears used to keep hearing gossip about her.
5. Actually I tried hard to avoid it but I couldn`t.



Look/ tell/ chat/ think/ embrace



6. You know, Sherly had an affair with another guy. I just took it for granted that it was true.. Err… ,wanna know about her nose? Hmm..I hated looking at her big nose very much.
7. Imagine! She used to say that my body smelt bad. Indeed, her mouth seemed enjoy telling a lie to me. I was sick of her, of course. It was two weeks ago.
8. However, everything has changed now. Frankly speaking, deep down in my heart, my lips expected to chat with her now.
9. My chin started thinking about her every night. I don`t know why?
10. My hands didn`t mind embracing her shoulder if she had been willing to do so.



Be hit/ digest/ walk/ step/ tiptoe


11. But ,you know, sometimes when I recall what she did to me, I feel as if  my chest kept on being hit by a big rock.
12. You know, my stomach couldn`t stand digesting the problems anymore
13. but  my legs considered walking together with her again.
14.  My feet intended to step forward  just to catch her shadow.
15. My toes, however, managed to tiptoe into her heart. Oh, God, what`s happening with me right now! 



Think/ call/ get/ do/ make



16. My head should stop thinking negatively about Sherly now.
17. I regretted calling her a liar
18. and  I should arrange to get close relationship with her again.
19. My heart told me `Never ever give up doing something better.`
20. I promised to make it come true.


Selamat Belajar! Good luck!


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