Expressing Pleased and Displeased

22 Nov

                                         Mengungkapkan Perasaan Senang dan Tak senang

Ekspresi apa yang kamu buat bila kamu merasa senang atau tidak senang? misalnya kamu mendapat hadiah dari ortumu , mendengar berita  yang menggembirakan ,mendapat nilai yang baik  atau mungkin sebaliknya, pemberangkatan tour yang sudah kamu nanti-nantikan  ternyata ditunda sampai dengan bulan depan, atau team sepak bola /bola basket sekolahmu kalah dalam kompetisi ? Mungkin kamu tertawa, tersenyum atau cemberut ?. Dalam bahasa Inggris ungkapan  rasa senang dan tak senang  diungkapkan dengan :


  1. Great
  2. I`m so happy
  3. I like it
  4. Super
  5. That`s terrific
  6. I`m really delighted about it.
  7. Nice
  8. I`m so glad
  9. That’s incredible
  10. That’s fantastic
  11. Oh marvelous
  12. Oh, wonderful
  13. I’m very delighted to hear it
  14. I’m very pleased with it




  1. What a nuisance!
  2. I`m really unhappy about it!
  3. This is extremely irritating!
  4. Oh, damn!
  5. It really makes me bad
  6. I really hate
  7. I’m very disappointed
  8. I can’t stand Dangdut music
  9. I’m fed up with you
  10. I’m so upset
  11. He really makes me angry….
  12. I’m very annoyed
  13. Oh, no!




  • Dilah     : According to the information center, our flight is postponed till tomorrow.
  • Sri          : I’m really unhappy about it
  •  Father : Look! I have got a ticket for the concert for  you.
  • Kenny  : Great!
  • Brian     : I`m sorry, Nila. Your dictionary is left at home.
  • Nila        : oh damn!
  • Tina        : Our school basket team won the competition
  • Mia          : Hey, That`s terrific
  • Dony       : Did you enjoy the journey?
  • Jenny     : Sure, I was very pleased .I’ve got a lot of new experiences.   The local people were very nice and helpful.
  •   Waiter  :  How was the food, sir?
  •   Deden   :   I am very disappointed.  The food is very salty.
  •  Anita      :  I really enjoy traditional ceremonies.
  • Bardan    :  Do you? I can`t stand them. They are so boring, you know.
  •  Tita         :  I’ve got a job! You know, I have been working for that company.
  •  Ryan      :  Really? I’m very delighted to hear it
  •  Rini         :  Doni, how was your test result?
  •  Doni       :  I failed. The test was too difficult.
  •  Rini        :  Oh, no! But there’s another chance.
  • Ratih       : How was your holiday, Nina ?
  • Nina      : I was very annoyed.  We got lost somewhere and you know, the  local  people were not so   friendly as well. Poor me!

Selamat Berlatih! Good Luck!


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